associate provost
associate provost marco serrato collaborates with deans and faculty across the university to expand the range of professional development programs for executive and other continuing education students.
marco has a global understanding of executive and continuing education across industries and emerging technology platforms. he has experience developing initiatives with private, governmental, and nongovernmental organizations in the united states, latin america, europe, and asia, including serving as a member and 2019–2020 chair of the board of directors of the international consortium for university-based executive education (unicon). he has also served as representative to the university professionals for continuing education association (upcea) and the latin american and european continuing education network (recla).
prior to joining the university, marco served as director and vice rector for executive and continuing education at instituto tecnológico de monterrey. he has experience as adjunct faculty at the phd, master’s, and undergraduate levels, and has published more than thirty research papers on international peer-reviewed and conference journals, four books, and two book chapters. his contributions in the professional development and higher education landscape have been featured by international media including the world economic forum and the united nations, among others.
marco has co-founded two start-ups that provide consulting and corporate learning solutions in public and private sectors. he holds a double-degree phd in industrial engineering – operations research from iowa state university and industrial engineering – operations management from instituto tecnológico de monterrey.
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non-traditional education