the office of the provost at the university of chicago came into existence in 1963, when the title of vice president and dean of faculties was discontinued and edward h. levi was appointed the first provost of the university. since then, the responsibilities of the provost and the office have expanded to include not only academic planning and appointments but academic initiatives, arts programming, space planning and allocation, the university's budget, diversity initiatives, faculty program developments, and many other manners of academic and administrative support. 

below are the profiles of the exceptional academics who held the position of provost at the university. 

past leadership

edward h. levi

edward h. levi

1962 – 1968
John T. Wilson

john t. wilson

1969 – 1975
d. gale johnson

d. gale johnson

1976 – 1980
kenneth w. dam

kenneth w. dam

1980 – 1982
Norman M. Bradburn

norman m. bradburn

1984 – 1989
Gerhard Casper

gerhard casper

1989 – 1992
Edward O. Laumann

edward o. laumann

1992 – 1993
Geoffrey Stone

geoffrey r. stone

1994 – 2001
Richard P. Saller

richard p. saller

2002 – 2006
Thomas F. Rosenbaum

thomas f. rosenbaum

2007 – 2014
Provost Eric Isaacs

eric d. isaacs

daniel diermeier

daniel diermeier